Friday, November 5, 2010

UCI Set-up #2

We went to UCI and setup a table again with coffee.  This time we didn't have the "Need Prayer?" and "Got Prayer?" signs.  We just asked people if they wanted some free coffee.  This was to experiment to see if more people would stop and talk or drink without the obvious intention of our table.  We also hoped that this would spark more conversation - not having any signs would spark the question,  "Why are you giving out free coffee?" or "So who are you with?"

Both of these questions are perfect lead-ins to share that we are Christians and that we are simply here to share God's love with the students at UCI through the simple act of providing some coffee to drink.  If you have questions about what we believe or why we believe you can ask away, or feel free to just get some coffee and go.  We still had the prayer box out and we received one prayer request slip.  

It seemed to work well.  I'll share more about some of the conversations we had.

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