Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"Double Tap" Rule and the Swoon Theory

There are some strands of evidence for the resurrection of Christ which seem very compelling.  They are: the empty tomb, the post-crucifixion appearances of Christ, the transformation of the apostles, the conversion of Saul, the emergence of the early Christian church, and the switch from the last day of the week to the first day of the week for worship.

However, there are some natural explanations which have been hypothesized as alternative possibilities for the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  One of these natural explanations is the "Swoon Theory".  The "Swoon Theory" suggests that Jesus Christ didn't die on the cross!  He survived the crucifixion, which is how he was seen three days later by the disciples!

In my high school apologetics class, we were discussing these natural explanations for the evidence we have and concerning the "Swoon Theory" a student made a reference to the movie, Zombieland.  The survivor of the zombie apocalypse pictured in Zombieland, survived by following a list of rules.  One of these rules is the "Double Tap" rule.  If you think a zombie is dead, shoot it again to be sure!  It's better to waste the ammo than to potentially become a zombie happy meal.

How does this relate to the "Swoon Theory"?

The Romans made sure someone was dead if they executed them!  In the Gospels' accounts of the crucifixion, the executioners did a "Double Tap" on Jesus.  He was dead, but to be sure they plunged a spear into his side, into his heart!  He was dead.  The "Swoon Theory" doesn't work.

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