Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Who are the Muslims in the World?

To best reach out to and interact with another religion to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it can be very helpful to know the audience you are aiming to mingle with and serve, and unless you know who you're reaching out to in the name of God, you likely miss the people all together.  

So here's some info about who are the Muslims in society, which I gleaned from a worker from Crescent Project:

The two most populous Islamic nations are Indonesia and India.  This is important to know because it tells us that Islam is not just a Middle-East thing.  

Someone from Indonesia won’t have the same Islamic experience as someone from Iran.  There will be similarities, but there will be differences.  So you can ask the same questions to different Muslims to learn about their individual understandings and traditions.   

There are 7 Million Muslims in North America – mostly in America and Canada.  

CA has 222 mosques.  They're evenly divided in the North and South.  

I think everyone has heard that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, but how is this happening.  96% of Islam's growth is biological, and only 4% of the growth comes from conversion. 

Over 60% of the conversions are among African-Americans.  More of the conversions are in the cities.  Islam flourishes in the urban area and not in agricultural areas.  A lot of the conversions happens in prison.  There’s the idea that Islam is the black person’s religion.  

A lot of the conversions also come from Muslim men marrying non-Muslim women. 

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