Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A little late for Halloween

I can honestly say, I haven't seen any of these slasher movies.  I've missed most every scary, horror movie out there.  I did see The Blair Witch project at a dollar theater in high school, however.  I also saw The Fourth Kind, and I am a fan of the X-Files.  

I'm curious why horror movies are so popular?  What's the mass appeal?  It seems that many of them are being made in Hollywood, still, and that they're quite popular.  

I'm posing these questions to anyone who wants to comment on them, and I'm adding this questions too: "Are there any redeeming reasons for why a Christian might watch slasher films?" or "Should Christians not watch these movies at all?"  

Please, feel free to comment or email me your answers to these questions.  

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