Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Growing Islamic Population - Call to Action

This video I've embedded is not meant to be a scare tactic, at least not to my way of thinking as I post it.  I have no idea exactly how I would go about confirming the truth of the numbers in this video.  However, I find the numbers and the assertions in the video believable.  Watch the video, and then I'll type a brief response.  

Again, like I said previously, I'm not sure if I can verify these numbers or know how to go about doing so, but I do think they sound realistic.  I have spent some time with some British and they confirm the growing number of Muslims in the country.  I forget which city it was, maybe Birmingham, but they said one of the cities is now predominantly Muslim, all from immigration.  I also spoke with someone from Iran, who shared that he does not truly believe in Islam, but in Iran, he must be Muslim.  He must appear to observe the five pillars of Islam and put on a big Islamic front, because it is illegal to not be Muslim.  Clearly, the culture in Iran is set to be Islamic. 

I think this video might have sense of trying to scare its audience into action.  I however, don't see a need to be afraid about the growing Islamic culture and population in the world.  As Christians, we have no need to be afraid.  Besides Jesus promised that things will get worse and worse before the end. (Matthew 24) 

What I like about this video is the call to action.  What action is needed?  Meeting Muslims.  Becoming friends with Muslims.  Witnessing to Muslims.  Sharing Christ with them.  I've only shared Christ with Muslims a couple of times, and I've never truly befriended a Muslim.  I'll try to have posts over the next several weeks which share more about what Muslims believe and how we can reach out to them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

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