Monday, December 6, 2010

Have you heard of Urantia?

 Urantia is a religion.  The "sacred" text for this religion is the Urantia Book.  It can be found in virtually any major bookstore in the "New Age" section.  I'll have to do more research on this religion.  I've looked into a bit in the past, because someone who is close to me is an Urantian.

Here's one site if you are interested in knowing more about this religion, however, this site refers to Urantia as a cult:

I think this group is growing and that they're doing so under the radar of publicity and doing so on purpose.  Once they are fully established all over the world with great numbers, they will then go public.

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  1. With nearly 60 years of exposure (the 196 Papers were first published in 1955 as the Urantia Book), "Urantia" is still neither a cult nor a religion.

    This fifth epochal revelation to our planet maintains but one theme: the brotherhood of man and the fatherhood of God ... and contains no encouragement for the creation of another religion or the replacement of sacred books.

    The pages of this new online resource avoid promotion of persons, organizations* and products to permit easy focus on this revelatory text:

    * The two publishers of the Urantia Book are mentioned on the Home page, but the text and translations are available on many sites.