Thursday, December 9, 2010

Apologetics Against Pornography #1

Jesus Loves Porn Stars Sticker from XXX Church

This blog and OC Apologist as a whole focuses on Christian apologetcs.  The following are statistics pulled from, a Christian site dedicated to revealing the darkness of pornography, providing help to addicts, as well as share that Jesus loves porn stars, too!  Jesus died for them and their sin, as well as the sins of the whole world.  For this series, which I'll ad to periodically, I'll to my best to provide a defense (an apologetic) against pornography.  In the world today, porn is considered normal!  It's considered natural, and often times it's considered healthy.  It's not! 

Check out the following statistics concerning the relationship of Christian pastors with porn.  Clearly, this is an apologetic issue.  Christian Apologetics is defending the faith, and if these stats aren't lying, then this is something the faith needs defense against.

53% of Christian men consume pornography.

57% of pastors call pornography the most sexually damaging issue for their congregations.

51% of pastors say porn is a temptation.

69% of pastors started looking at porn out of curiosity.

37% of pastors say it's currently a struggle.

53% of pastors have visited porn sites in the past year.

18% percent of pastors look at porn a couple times a month.

35% of men have used pornography in the past month.

30% of pastors do not talk to anyone about your dirty little secret.

4 in 10 of pastors looked at porn today.

A 2003 survey from Internet Filter Review reported that 47% of Christians admit pornography is a major problem in their homes.

An internet survey conducted by Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in 2002 found 30 percent of 6,000 pastors had viewed internet porn in the last 30 days.

Sources: Christianity Today, Promise Keepers, Barna Research Group, World Magazine

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