Monday, December 13, 2010

The 12 Days of Christmas #3

Not much more information on the 12 Days of Christmas than what I've already given, but here is what I've discovered today.  

Christmas is day 1.  The twelve days of Christmas end on January 5th, the day before a new season in the church starts - Epiphany. 

So the 12 Days of Christmas for this year are:

Dec. 25th - Christmas
Dec. 26th - First Sunday after Christmas
Dec. 27th - Stephen's Day - Remembering the first Christian martyr
Dec. 28th - Remembering the Apostle John
Dec. 29th - Holy Innocents - Remembers the slaughter of the young males by King Herod
Jan. 1st - The Holy Name - Remembering Jesus' dedication on the 8th day, his circumcision, and his naming. 
Jan. 5th - Last day of Christmas. Advent comes to a close.
Jan. 6th - A new season in the church begins, called Epiphany.  This day commemorates when the wise men found Jesus.  

So there you have it!  The 12 days of Christmas.  

For more info: Conduct some searches for church calendar or liturgical church calendar and you'll discover many websites that provide detailed information on each of these days and you'll also find that different Christian denominations observe the order of these days differently. 

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