Friday, December 10, 2010

Apologetics Against Pornography #2

I've heard many times, in various places, from various mediums, "It's just porn!", "It's no big deal!", "It just effects an individual!", "Porn is a healthy alternative to premarital sex!", "It aids one's sex life!", "Boys, will by boys, and they'll look at porn!", or similar statements to these.

There's an entire ten part video series on youtube called Nightline Porn Debate if you want to hear more from both sides of this issue, but for the case with this blog, as a Christian Apologetics site, what side of the debate should Christians be on.  The last blog post showed the temptation and entrapment of porn for many pastors and families within the church!  It's clear in Scripture that lust is a sin!  That just lusting is adultery (the sermon on the Mount, Matthew 5-8).

How can the church make a solid defense against pornography?  In the following video, the stats are raised that pron destroys families and relationships and that its in the hands of many people who are in fact underage to legally view it.  This video also raises the point that it is very much a secretive act!  The first step for the church would be to address it!  To bring sin into the light for it to be exposed for what it is!

Hope you enjoy this video and that it gets you thinking more about porn, the effects of porn, and how Christians should respond to pornography in the church and the world.

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