Saturday, January 15, 2011

Penn and the Bible

Warning - There is vulgar language in the following video. 

The reason I posted this video is to show how extremely against the Bible Penn is. 

Now that you see how strongly Penn opposes the Bible, now watch this video. 

Here's the main section of the video that really hit home to me.


If you truly believe that Jesus is God, that he died for the sins of the world, and that he rose from the dead, for the salvation of all mankind, that his works beat sin, death, and the devil, then how much must you hate a person to not want to share that news with him or her?  Powerful words from an atheist indeed.  I certainly share this with others after having seen this video.  Whenever, I share my Christian faith now, I usually mention that because I believe this to be true, I am compelled to share it.

I think sometimes we avoid sharing it because of our own pride.  We don't want people to hate us.  It's not that we just don't want to make others socially awkward, we don't want to be socially awkward ourselves.  It comes down to a fear of man problem.  Penn certainly brings it home!  If you truly believe that there is a heaven and a hell, you must share that with others!  How could you not? 


  1. fact or fiction part 2 at 5:33
    "people often have trouble with Biblical Miracles...
    they walked across a low tide marsh on a windy day"

    This is an example of An apologist gone wrong!
    How sad to give Penn ammunition.
    If God Can't even part the red sea, Then Fat chance he can raise me from the dead!!!

  2. Clearly, that's wrong of the apologist to say that it wasn't the Red Sea. I don't even like his answers in part 1. I almost posted that as a disclaimer, but I didn't. I thought in due time, I'd post some different answers than what he gave to the complaints brought up by Penn and Teller. Anonymous, if you'd like to send me some of the answers you would give to the videos, please let me know, and I'll post them.

    It's so comical too - the way Penn and Teller are mocking the miracles with their little magic tricks. Like when Teller is "walking on water" in a small kiddie pool. That's not the scenario in which Jesus walked on water! It was a sea, and it was during a big storm!

    The miracles need to be kept in context and it certainly wasn't some sea called the Sea of Reeds that was dried up by wind. Why? Because once the Jews crossed the Red Sea, the Sea collapsed and killed the Egyptians! I don't even know how they could have taken him out of context, but I must hope and trust that he was taken out of context.

    I also like what you mentioned, anonymous, about Jesus rising from the dead. If he wasn't raised from the dead, then I don't need to have faith in God, in fact I won't have faith. And if Jesus rose from the dead, I can easily believe the other miracles. I'm not even worried about them - they're not central to my faith. They help encourage me in the faith, but I look to the resurrection of Jesus and that's where I have faith. If someone isn't a Christian and they're worried about how all the animals got on the boat, I might quickly give an answer, but then say it's not important. I'd let them know that they're asking the wrong question if they're trying to consider if Christianity is true or not - they need to just focus on Jesus first. Did he, or did he not, rise from the dead?

    If anyone wants to know about the resurrection and why it can be trusted, - check out the articles under the "Why Believe the Bible?" section of this site. The link to that section is on the top left of the blog page.