Sunday, January 30, 2011

Seeing God?

We had a message about the sinfulness and dangers of horoscopes, Ouija boards, palm-reading, physics, and the like in chapel this week.  It was a tag-teamed message, and one of the teachers speaking grew up in Venezuela where people commonly participated in such occultist fortune-telling practices.  He shared how such activities "open the door" to spiritual world and how he and his family experienced this on several occasions ministering to people who were demon-possessed or demon-oppressed by such dabbling in the occult.  

Some students after chapel shared that they didn't believe in any of that non-sense.  Their reason was that they hadn't seen it or experienced it themselves!  Their basis of truth is purely subjective.  

Isn't that the case with a lot of people and God.  I can't believe in a God I can't see.  If he really wanted me to believe he'd make it more clear.  Just like the apostle Thomas - I need to see, I need to touch.  

But can you see gravity?  Can you see magnetic fields?  Can you see electricity flowing through a wire?  Can you see the wind?  Can you musical notes?  No!  You can see their effects though.  This is true with God.  We can't see him, but we know he exists through his creation.  

Not everything in life can be experienced by all five senses.  It's a big error to put almighty God into a certain category that requires him to be seen to be real.  

However, in the person of Jesus Christ, God took on flesh and he was seen and touched.  God revealed himself and did make himself known in history through Jesus.  We of course haven't seen him in the 21st century, but we can investigate the truth claims about Jesus found in the Bible just as we would any other truth claims from other texts concerning historical figures in ancient history.  

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