Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Karma and God? ... And LeBron James?

I pulled the following from a Yahoo! Sports' blog called, "Ball Don't Lie":

LeBron James, Mixing Karma with God

LeBron [James] apparently doesn't feel much sympathy for his old team in these troublesome times. In the closing minutes of the Cavs game, with the only issue left to determine being whether or not the Lakers would double-up the Cavs, Cleveland's former savior Tweeted about karma, hate, and divine retribution. Here is what he said:
Crazy. Karma is a b****.. Gets you every time. Its not good to wish bad on anybody. God sees everything!
I think it's very  interesting how Karma is thrown around so much today in society.  

Sharon Stone claimed that Karma was the reason that the Sichuan earthquake happened.  She claimed that China was getting what they deserved for atrocities and human rights that had occurred and still continue to occur within the country.

What disturbs me more is the mixing of Karma, initially a solely Hindu belief, with other religions. 

Jason Lee, Scientologist
One example of this comes from, What About Earl, a television show completely centered a dude trying to shake the chains of bad, Karma.  The actor who plays Earl, Jason Lee, is a scientologist.   This of course wouldn't necessarily mean that there is a mixing of religions, since he is in fact just an actor and the character he plays wouldn't necessarily have to represent his own personal beliefs.  However, I know if I was playing a character in a show about Karma, I would make clear statements that I don't belief in the idea of Karma, and in fact, I'd have to pass on such an ongoing role if I was an actor, because it would conflict with my Christian beliefs and I wouldn't want to lead others astray.  

LeBron, in this quote, is clearly mixing religions.  I read online that he is Roman Catholic, so why is he referring to Karma?  Why are we mixing religions?  Is this just another sign of religious pluralism running a muck?

I think what disturbs me most about this quote from LeBron is the clear evidence of watering down religion.  Because of religious pluralism the fundamental teachings and beliefs of each religion has been hacked down to bits, to the point that universalism is possible.  Terms such as Karma have been ripped from their religious meaning and origin.  Karma now is strictly, people getting what they deserve, "what goes around, comes around."  Karma no longer rests as a key piece to a more complex system of Hindu theology. 

Frankly, it makes me sick and I want to puke (not literally, not yet). 


  1. You're a dick.

    1. I mean, you're getting mad at someone for mixing two different kinds of mystical nonsense together? Ridiculous.