Saturday, September 4, 2010

Are there inconsistencies in the Bible?

Some people claim that there are inconsistencies in the Bible? While there may appear to be inconsistencies, the problem really lies in us, not the text. We are close to 2,000 years removed from when the New Testament books were written. The reason we think there are inconsistencies is because we miss out on not knowing the history, language, culture, and context in which the "inconsistencies" appear.

To help explain this I'll share a real email I received from a friend in China during the Summer of 2009. It's from my friend Sanyi.

glad to hear you r good at home, it must be great to do thing the same way you always do,yeah, 7.5 is quite a tragedy, a lot of people died that day. I was quite angry when heard news. One of my friends is a soldier there, and he told me that our GOVERmNT sent about 100.000 soldiers to XINJIANG ,to get things back to normal and to get things back to normal and stop the revenge, cuz you know, lot of people who have family been killed at 7.5 take revenge during the following days. anyway, if i was them i'll do the same thing.

thx for the tips,i really need some exercise,i'm getting fat now. here is an article by DANIU, he is talking about you,he thought you rock. i'll give you the link, butit's in chinese probably i can translate it to you later">
Why does he keep saying haha?
What's 7.5?
Where are these places? 
Who is DANIU?

The reason this email doesn't make much sense is because you probably aren't familiar with Chinese culture, Chinese geography, the writer's background, my background, or some of the current history of China's affairs.  If you knew these things you'd get what was being said.  I understand it completely. 

Now picture that you receive this same exact email 2000 years removed from when it was written.  Does English still exists as a language?  If so, how much has it changed?  Do these places still exists?  Has the use of haha changed?  I bet it'd make even less sense so far removed from the original date it was written. 

That's how it is with the Bible sometimes.  We think there are inconsistencies, or internal errors, but really we just are missing things in translation and through not knowing the history and culture of the Biblical texts. 

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