Saturday, September 11, 2010

An Atheist Reads the Bible #2

"An Atheist Reads the Bible" is a series of animations posted on youtube.  Sometimes watching atheists' videos and reading atheists' books and blogs can be a good way to become aware of what the common objections to the Christian faith are.  The appropriate response to such objections is not to get angry, but to be calm and rational and to seek the truth.  

How would you respond to this video? 

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An Atheist Reads the Bible #1


  1. Fear and Trembling.

    There is a teleological suspension of the ethical. And we Christians had better be prepared to talk about it!

  2. The video makes the claim the bible is a book of moral stories. We can, as a society piece out moral truths from the Bible. The Atheist then juxtaposes that claim with the video in the comment section. Well it's simple really, the Bible was never intended to be a bunch of Moral stories.....Premise 1 of the Atheists argument is false and his or her argument is invalid... NEXT.