Saturday, August 14, 2010

An Atheist Reads the Bible #1

"An Atheist Reads the Bible" is a series of animations posted on youtube.  Sometimes watching atheists' videos and reading atheists' books and blogs can be a good way to become aware of what the common objections to the Christian faith are.  The appropriate response to such objections is not to get angry, but to be calm and rational and to seek the truth.  

The vlogger of this series does a great job of showing the four accounts of the discovery of the empty tomb.  They appear to be completely different, so much so that they might be contradictory.  However, we should note that the differences only appear on the secondary level.  The core is the same for all four of the Gospel accounts.  Jesus was crucified by the Romans.  He was buried by Joseph of Aramathia.  He was put in a tomb.  The tomb was visited by a small group of women on Sunday morning.  They find the tomb empty.  They see visions of angels saying that Jesus is risen. 

The secondary details are different, yes, but the main points of the accounts are not contradictory and still must be accounted for; there still is a crucified man named Jesus and his tomb is empty!  

The following video features Dr. William Lane Craig speaking on these inconsistencies.  

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