Friday, August 13, 2010

Origon of OC Apologist

A friend of mine, maybe more of an acquaintance because of our seldom contact, entered into a discussion with an atheist, defending his Christian faith.  The atheist was well impressed, but not persuaded to convert to the Christian faith.  He was impressed enough to tell some other friends of his at Berkley about my friend, and thus my friend got invited up to Berkley to discuss the Christian faith.  Upon meeting the atheists, or maybe they were agnostics, they greeted him as, "Oh, you're the OC Apologist!"  He got this title because he's from Orange County, California.

Later, I wanted to start an Apologetics website while I was living in China.  I had a job that would relocate me to Orange County, so I thought OC Apologist might be a good name to use for the site.  However, I didn't want to seem as if I was defending Orange County.  Instead, I like to think of OC as "On Christ."

I hope to post on this blog regularly and I pray that there will be many comments, sparking much discussion!

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