Monday, September 13, 2010

Apologetics is a road, not a destination.

‎"Apologetics and engaging with other worldviews on their own terms is always a road, never a destination. The destination is always Jesus" 


I saw this quote last night on a Facebook page and it served as a great reminder for me of the ultimate aim of apologetics when engaging with other worldviews.  The engagement, the conversation, the debate, is not the end-all of apologetics.  And it's definitely not winning an intellectual argument.  Open dialog is not the ultimate goal either, as some would have it to be.  The destination with Christian apologetics is and always should be leading someone to the truth of Jesus and a relationship with him.  


  1. certainly. I agree 99%. But ask yourself, what does it mean if you loose the intellectual argument you might be having with a non-believer? I certainly agree that winning an argument may never bring anyone to the truth of Jesus Christ, but, I cannot imaging loosing an argument and someone coming to the truth of Jesus Christ either... All things being equal, We should probably try and win. If not for the person we are arguing with, then certainly for the individuals who just so happen to be listening in but are to shy or embarrasses to say anything.