Monday, February 14, 2011

Tangled and Christ

I've made some recent posts about using movies, or various stories, as springboards to conversations that can present the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I've also made several references to Paul's use of Greek poets and philosophers when presenting the Gospel message to the men of Athens in Acts 17.  I think we need to do this more and more!  

Here's an example of some discussion questions that can be used with the Disney movie, Tangled.  I copied these from Christianity Today.  They have numerous movie reviews on-line with similar discussion questions.  

Hopefully, you can use some of these questions after watching Tangled with a friend once it's out on DVD!  Also, hopefully, we all can start interacting with movies in such a way.  

I loved the scene with the floating lanterns!
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Discussion starters
  1. The narrator says, "She was running out of time and that's when people look for a miracle." Why do people look for miracles when they are desperate? Can being in trouble be a good thing? Do you believe in miracles?
  2. Flynn tells Rapunzel that "rebellion is good … healthy even." Did he believe what he was saying or just using it to trick Rapunzel? What is true about this statement? What is false? What does it mean to rebel against authority? Can this be good? How?
  3. When Rapunzel leaves the tower, she is internally conflicted because she loves her freedom and independence but feels guilty about disobeying her mom. Have you ever felt torn like this? Do you think it is OK to disobey if you think your parents are wrong?
  4. Discuss Gothel's comment that "the world is dark and cruel. If it finds even the smallest ray of light, it destroys it." Is she right? How does that compare to a Christian worldview? Read these verses for further discussion.
 Discussion Questions taken from here

How would you answer these questions? 

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  1. The floating lanterns is the best scene. It would be awesome to decorate a kid's room with a huge mural of that scene on the wall...just the lanterns in the sky..