Sunday, February 20, 2011

Prezi - Did the Resurrection Happen?

This last Friday I didn't teach at school, because our staff had a teacher-in-service day at another Lutheran high school in the area.  We heard some good reminders about encouraging students, being enthusiastic about our teaching, and body language in the classroom.  In the break-out session, I chose to attend  a session that addressed using technology in the classroom. I was introduced to Prezi.  It's an alternative to using PowerPoint for presentations.  I'm still experimenting with it.  I love that Youtube videos can be quickly inserted into the video and instantly play in the flow of the presentation.  I also like that Prezi presentations can be embedded into sites.  

Here's my first Prezi presentation.  There's not much written info in this actual presentation.  I have it designed for my students to share info on each point that is presented, so we can have a lot of class discussion.  For the natural explanations section, I plan on having students prepare and present role-plays to show how a Christian can refute the natural explanations as they arise in conversation. 

Let me know what you think of this Prezi!


  1. this Prezi thing doesn't seem to be working for me, if starts to load and then gives and error message: "Hups. Bzzr..."

  2. It doesn't say why it doesn't work? Bummer. Sorry. Check out See if it works on their site. I think it's possible to make some pretty neat presentations (at least different from PPT).