Monday, February 21, 2011

Wise Blood

Sometimes there are songs which make reference to Christianity or have some sort of religious them, yet those songs do so in a way which might be directly against Christianity, or appear very negative towards Christianity, and not just Christianity, but Christ.

One such song is "Wiseblood" by Corossion of Conformity.

Here is a sampling of the lyrics from this song:

When I was young some wise fool told me
live & learn but nothing comes for free
so I did what I could when I was able
to keep the truth away from our table

Young blood creepin what you need
Wiseblood shake em down to his knees

Well I never walked I just learned to fly
heaven or high was the way I stayed alive
I've seen them devils pound our bible
you saints and sinners are both my rival

Young blood creepin what you need
Wiseblood shake em down to his knees
aim to please

The following is a Prezi presentation I made introducing how I found out about this band, why I initially listened to them, and also in this presentation I share how I take and apply these lyrics to my life as a follower of Christ.  I know that many people who are are not followers of Christ listen to music like this.  I think what I wrote in the presentation can be helpful to bring up in conversation with someone who is listening to this song, or similar songs.  I also know many Christians who listen to music like this and even though the lyrics are by no means God-pleasing, I do believe that something positive can be taken away from this song in the life of a believer.  I think Christians also need to know their audience and know what they currently think and believe about Christ and Christianity in order to have better conversations that lead non-believers to hearing and understanding the Gospel.


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