Friday, April 8, 2011

Chrsitian Lingo in Apologetics

Christian apologetics, based on the meaning of the word apologetics, is a defense of the Christian faith.  This defense is ultimately for protecting and safeguarding a Christian from doubts that might erode and destroy the his or her faith. In fact, doubting questions can be good things in the life of a Christian.  It brings Christians to think deeply about their faith and draws them to God's Word for answers and to God in prayer.  When properly defended against, growth occurs in the life of a Christian and faith is strengthened.

However, often times, apologetics isn't viewed simply as a defensive endeavor.  Many times, it's approached from an offensive intent to debate and persuade an unbeliever to drop their guard and hear the Gospel, or as a way to continue the dialog to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ again and again.

When sharing a defense for the faith with a non-Christian, Christians need to be aware of the lingo they use.  Chrsitians might use the word Gospel for instance and a non-Christian might not know what that means.  It means good news by the way.  Christians might use fancy words such as justification and sanctification or atonement, or even sin!  Does the non-Christian have the same understanding of these words as a Christian?  Non-Christians might especially if they have studied the Christian faith or grew up in a Christian family, but to many such terms might be obscure, or they have their own understanding of such terms which do not fit the biblical meaning of such words.

Washed in the blood of the lamb...
Born again...

Washed in the Blood of the Lamb.  I get it?  Would someone who isn't Christian get this phrase without explanation?

Just be careful, Christians, when dialoging with and sharing the Christian faith with those who may not understand the meaning of the words we like to use. 

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