Saturday, April 2, 2011

When to speak and who to speak to?

A couple of weeks ago a video was played in church of people being interviewed on the street answering the question about what they believe about God.  After the video was finished playing, our pastor mentioned that many of these people are the people we as Christians need to speaking to and need to be sharing the message of Christ and the love of Christ with.  It got me thinking...

Who do we need to be sharing our faith with on a day to day basis?

I know that in today's Christian culture and climate there has come the habit or teaching that we should share our faith with those we know or have relationship with and that in fact a good solid relationship should be built before sharing the faith at all. 

I've mentioned before on this blog that I go to UCI and hand out coffee for free to students and from there I share the Christian faith with them and reason with them about why I think it's true and why I am compelled to spend time out there speaking my faith with them (along with some other Christians, I don't do this alone).  In this scenario, we are giving something out for free that they want.   They usually ask why we are there and we can tell them because we are Christians and we want to share our faith with others or we have signs on the table that prompt Jesus centered conversation when they ask what they mean. 

But I was a little bit convicted from the video played at church!  The great commission as I've heard it translated actually says, "as you go" make disciples.  As we go!  That's anywhere in life. 

Should I be sharing Christ with the grocery store clerk, other bikers at red lights (since I bike for transportation a lot), my apartment neighbors, people who draw my blood from the Red Cross, people I pass shopping, etc.?  In the case of my grocery store clerk, I do have a relationship in a way, or at least I should... I shop at the same store and see the same clerks and managers every time. 

How would I begin?  What's the initial conversation starter?  Is this something Christians should be doing? 

Do we need to go door to door like the Mormons?  I do ride a bike after all.  :)



  1. Let the other person begin.

  2. Which is how I've almost always done it. Why would you say to always wait, Anonymous?

  3. When I waited tables people would always ask me how I was. I would always respond with, "Better than I deserve."
    This usually opened the door for conversation about how I'm a sinner and I deserve death. But, Christ has been raised so I know that I too will be raised.

  4. Thanks for sharing this Carl Popy. That's a great response to how are you today.

    Anymore Mormon chats to post on this blog?

  5. How did that usually work out for you Popy? What sort of response would you usually get from people after you explained why you were better off than you deserved?