Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hindu Influence in Western Culture #2

I think it's good for Christians to be aware of the many religious influences in Western Culture which are not Christian. It's good for us to to know these influences so we don't accidentally glorify or lift up false religions. It's also good for us to know to use as a starting point of conversation with friends when a religiously influenced song or movie is playing. It's simple to say, "Hey did you know that this song is talking about ______." It would then be a good opportunity to explain why Christians disagree with that belief and segue into what the Bible teaches on the issue.

I'm sure this example of Hindu influence in Western culture has been overkilled.  But, hey, why not share it again?

The James Cameron directed Avatar was certainly influenced by Hinduism.  Cameron has even shared this in interviews.

The incarnations of the Hindu god Vishnu are referred to as avatars.  There are ten avatars of Vishnu.  The most known avatars are the ones I mentioned in the last post I made on Hindu influence in Western culture, Krishna and Rama.  Both of these avatars are depicted to have . . . BLUE SKIN!

The picture above is a depiction of Lord Rama.  Do you see any resemblance of this figure with those of the ones in Avatar?  I think so.

Also, in Avatar there is a divine nature which is in all things on the foreign planet, apparently even in the military marines who are visiting the planet.  This is very similar to Brahman, the divine essence that is in all things in Hinduism, making all things in this universe sacred, just as they are in Avatar.

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